Benevolent Enterprises


1.        The Refresher 1 order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics reverser invention arose out of research leading up to the book Electrino Physics on this website.  Chapters 1-5 show that an aether model of relativity is better than Einstein’s aether-less model of relativity.  Chapter 6 unites special and general relativity in an aether in particles, providing charges in particles come in ± e, ± e/2, ± e/4, and ± e/8 as in electrinos, rather than in ± 2e/3 and ± e/3 as in quarks.  Appendices A and B and Chapter 10 verify that the electrino hypothesis works.  The differences between electrinos and quarks are important.  Electrinos can fuse, switching from matter to antimatter, or vice versa.  Here is where the second law of thermodynamics comes in.  Where no fusions take place, or fusion of negative matter takes place, order energy decreases slightly with time, and natural decay phenomena continue.  But when positive antimatter fuses, negative order energy is subtracted and positive order energy is added, making a net addition to order energy.  This causes a reversal of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics.  The book offered on this website, Does God Really Love Us? Chapter 8, shows that a reversed state of the second law of thermodynamics is far preferable to what we experience now and is safe.  Therefore Benevolent Enterprises has sought the creation of a positron-positron collider at over 939 MeV each particle and low beam currents of 1 pA or less (low beam strengths are necessary to reverse the order to disorder arrow—lower beam currents translate to wider areas affected).  We have found a company that can design and build such a collider for $33 million their cost.  Counting electricity, facility, personnel, and insurance, etc., that is nearly $50 million our costs.  Design to commissioning time with this cost is three years.  If there were unlimited funds—say $100 million—the implementation time could be accelerated to one year.  Though this is a large sum, it is a small fraction of the billions of dollars spent by governments on other accelerators to advance science.  A Refresher would advance science tremendously.  Benevolent Enterprises is searching for one or more sources of this funding.  (See Contact Us.)


2.        The second invention sponsored by Benevolent Enterprises is a Radioactive Waste-free Power Reactor.  A direct current power supply can be constructed by fusing electrons with electrons and piling on layer after layer of photovoltaic cells as both shielding and energy extraction from the gamma beams.  The energy source would be far more efficient as well as radioactive waste free if operated in the field of the Refresher 1 described above.  The Rad Waste-free Reactor’s accelerators and collider can be built in three years for $38 million.  A working power plant can be constructed for $100 million, which is far less than the $6 billion it now takes to build a nuclear power plant.  Consequently, electricity could be produced for less than one tenth the cost as now.  Benevolent Enterprises seeks the construction of a Rad Waste-free Reactor, and seeks to operate it on a non-profit basis.

Benevolent Enterprises is a scientific research agency, educational managing agency, and a non-profit agency for publishing scientific, religious, and educational material.